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Summer 2021

What the judge expects

Normal format of the class. The way you show your horse will depend very much on its breed. Each having different requirements. Horses enter the ring:

• Shires enter and walk round anticlockwise with handler on the inside.
• Suffolks enter anticlockwise with handler on the outside.
• Clydesdales enter clockwise with handler on the outside.
• Percheron enter clockwise with the handler on the inside.

If it is a mixed breed class the Judge or Steward may ask you to enter either way. Walking round, get your horse to look alert and straight. Head held high. The Judge will be having an initial look at your horse, its way of moving, its temperament, its turnout (and your turnout) and its conformation.

Heavy Horse Camp 2021

On the afternoon of Thursday 27th May, hoardes of heavy horses and their owners descended upon Arena UK, Grantham for the 2021 Heavy Horse Camp. The Camp was run by the Shire Horses Society and was open to all breeds of heavy Horses with the aim of increasing people’s knowledge and experience of our majestic heavy horse breeds. The camp as held over 3 days with the last day being a show to put all the knowledge gained over the camp into practice. With 47 campers and their horses onsite, it was a heavy horse paradise!