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Spring 2019

Which events will you attend this year?

The Spring issue is our shows issue, with an amazing variety of activities planned for 2019 – and as always features our HHW FREE Events List, including all those events of which we have been notified by the deadline. There’s plenty of news about individual shows up and down the country, and we feature the Clydesdale Winter Fair, as well as fantastic photos from top ploughing matches at the end of last season. Plus our new mini-feature, Show in the Spotlight. Photos by Amanda Stewart and Diana Zeuner.

I want to plough but how do I start?

We begin our new two-part series, Learn to Plough, in which William Castle takes you through valuable background knowledge on turning the soil in the traditional way and the practical steps you will need to succeed. Many of the skills you need for ploughing will serve you in good stead for all the other tasks you want to tackle with your heavy horses. As William says, for many people ploughing with horses is the epitome of working horses at their best but it often seems complicated and mysterious, so where do you begin? The well-informed and easy-to-read text is accompanied by helpful illustrations.

Discover more about heavy horse businesses

We feature two this issue, Joanne Exton’s Big Horse Shop, founded 10 years ago to meet the needs of EXTREME horses needing BIG stuff; and Stuart Harrison of Middle Week Horse Drawn Services who relishes doing things the old way. Joanne, from Blackburn, explains how she set up her business after finding it impossible to locate rugs for her heavy horses, while Stuart, from North Devon, says “If something done the old way feels better, is more enjoyable and supports a more cohesive community, why change?” Find out how his enterprise began and his plans for the future.

Heavies change lives – we profile people who travelled a path to the giant equines

From David and Liz Lambert of the Oss-I-Chaff feed and bedding business, who beaver away on behalf of Shires and especially at Nottinghamshire County Show, to Zoe Meek who is dedicated to her life riding and driving heavies after a chance chat with a friend – and from Biff Greenfield, whose throwaway line to her husband led to a new life with a Comtois, to an English couple in France who made their own horse-drawn caravan, discover what makes heavy horse people tick!

And people change heavies…

In our Heavy Horse Tails column discover a logging horse in Scotland with doubtful manners but now much improved, and a ridden Shire with good manners from the start. As Steffi Schaffler’s Ardennes learns his job, it looks as if he’s going to be a winner. And two sisters who rode Melindwr Lady Olwen to success in two major ridden championships show how commitment and high standards have brought out the best in Mary Boundy’s Lancashire Shire.

New man at the helm for Suffolk Punch Trust

The Suffolk Punch Trust is in its 17th year as a charity begun in 2002 to save the Colony Stud of Suffolk horses, which had been bred on the same farm for 250 years at Hollesley, Suffolk. The trust, which is open as a visitor attraction, begins the year with a new chairman, Andrew Fane, a leading Suffolk businessman and supporter who succeeds founder chairman, Philip Ryder Davies. Discover what the trust has succeeded in doing so far, and its high standards in breeding these rare heavy equines.

Welsh Shires in the news

The Fletcher family’s Gentle Giants business in North Pembrokeshire has won an award for the best wedding transport in Mid Wales for the third year running. “We were not expecting to win this year as we are a very small company in comparison to the others,” says Stacy Fletcher, who describes how her family has grown their Shire interests, from showing and ploughing, to riding and leisure. Plus, we hear how HRH The Duchess of Cornwall popped in for the day to Dyfed Shire Horse Farm, not far away from the Fletchers. She unveiled a plaque commemorating her visit and the naming of a new-born Shire foal.

Bob Powell looks into his haulier ancestry

Bob Powell is one of our regular contributors and as a historian with a special interest in working horses he has developed considerable knowledge and collections relating to the subject. This issue he delves into his own family history and discovers more about his Herefordshire ‘hallier’ ancestry, giving insights into the sort of work his ancestors were doing in the age of the horse.

Other features in this issue include. . .

  • Shire becomes Animal Hero of the Year
  • Heavy Horse Two-Wheel Cart Showcase & Championship
  • Still a few Heavy Horse World 2019 Calendars left at discounted price!
  • Suffolk society redoubles efforts to improve foal numbers
  • Great images from the British National and Great All England ploughing matches
  • Nottinghamshire Show does even more for heavies in 2019
  • Farm work in the 1980s with Cheryl Grover
  • Art inspired by heavy horses
  • Heavies draw the crowds in West Sussex
  • Horse ploughing and more in Jutland

Plus . . .

  • Mailbox – your views and news – packed with heavy horse interest
  • Heavy Horse World Shop – our comprehensive selection of books and DVDs on heavy horse subjects
  • Heavy Horse World Breeders’ Directory & Classifieds – where to go for all your needs – horses, harness, vehicles, books etc
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