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Discover the captivating world of heavy working draft horses through the UK's top magazine dedicated to the sector - Shires, Clydesdales, Suffolk Punches, British Percherons, European breeds, draft crosses and working ponies in farming, forestry, market gardening, leisure, showing and breeding.


Latest News

Heavy Horse World Winter issue is now at the printers!

Equifest KW DSC 4914 resize 350x233Watch out for our special two-issue focus on modern horse-drawn equipment, a big section devoted to shows and events from the last half of the season and a great range of news stories and features on all subjects close to the hearts of heavy horse enthusiasts!  Here’s a picture from the issue – it’s Tom Henfrey winning the 2016 Turnout Championship at Equifest, photographed by Kevin Wright.

Heavy Horse World Autumn issue

The Autumn 2015 issue includes our biggest shows section ever – 25 pages of fantastic photographs, reports and results from events all over the country. They include the Suffolk and British Percheron breed shows as well as top county shows such as Nottinghamshire, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cheshire and the Royal Highland. Get the latest news, read comment and pick up practical tips, as well as enjoying our wide-ranging features covering every aspect of the working horse world, from riding and logging, to driving and working. Here’s a picture from the issue of the Rawlins family line-up at Melton Mowbray Show, photographed by Kevin Wright.



HHW Aut 15 Rawlins Family 400x292

  • The National Shire Horse Show is to move to a new venue, only two years after leaving the East of England Showground, Peterborough. Find out why and where. Meanwhile the future of grey Shires is hanging in the balance: discover what is being done about it.


  • Young people are the future for heavy horses – read about Britain’s youngest ever judge. And discover how a Welshman built up the famous Trem-y-Wyddfa stud.


  • Logging took centre stage at a recent wood event in West Sussex: enjoy our pictures; and discover who won this year’s British Horse Loggers’ Woodland Management Award.


HHW Aut 15 Horses in NE 400x285


  • Draught Horse Answers brings you solutions! This issue we focus on help and advice sources for new owners. If you have a question let us know and we will ask our experts to reply.


  • Read the latest of Annie Rose’s Under Saddle articles, this issue focusing on haylage v silage, and bitting. Plus, find out who won the prize of a ride at the award-winning Cumbrian Heavy Horses centre in the Lake District.


  • As a major wagon and cart collection is sold in Norfolk, we bring you news of the beautifully restored vehicles and their history.


  • Last issue we focused on single line driving in the Fens; this issue we switch to Yorkshire, where the technique was also in use – but in subtly different ways.


HHW Aut 15 David Mouland at Royal Highland Show 400x196

David Mouland with his winning six-horse team of Canadian Belgians at the Royal Highland Show – photograph: Catherine MacGregor.


  • And don’t forget to go to Heavy Horse World Shop to see our full range of titles including The Working Horse Manual, Heavy Horses, Goodbye Old Friend, and a host of DVDs including A Beginner’s Guide to Heavy Horses and Plaiting the Heavy Horse for Showing.


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  • 72+ pages packed with information on heavy horses

  • Full colour throughout

  • Big news section

  • Historical features

  • Personality profiles

  • Practical features and tips

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New ads are being uploaded all the time, and watch out for events happening between magazines which you might otherwise miss!


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– covering Breeders; Horses, harness & carriage hire; Jobs; Training courses; Horse feeds, services and products; Horse-drawn vehicles, harness & equipment; Shows and Auctions.

New DVD out for Christmas!


20 years National Shire Stallion Champions 120wA new DVD featuring the top stallion champions entered in the National Shire Horse Show over the last two decades!  The Shire horse is the largest horse in Great Britain and has served this country for over a hundred years: today there is a strong band of breeders dedicated to ensuring the future of the breed.  The National Show is held annually in March with approximately 200 entries, and this film looks at the stallions entered for the championships for each year from 1995:  the film focuses on the results as judged on the day of the shows - in some cases changes were made to the final result at a later date.  Authoritative commentary is provided by leading Shire breeder Alistair King of Cotebrook Shires, Cheshire.  Produced by Countryside Audio & Visual, who have filmed Shire Horse Shows for decades until this year, the DVD lasts 90 minutes.

Price: £18.00 + £2.50 postage (NTSC/American DVDs also available here)


Heavy Horse World Calendar 2016


HHW Calendar 2016 400x384


The UK’s top calendar featuring draught horses only!


Twelve fantastic colour pictures of heavy horses of all breeds from all over Britain – don’t miss it!


Selling fast!


£9.50 + postage.


Order your copy here!

Latest Magazine Issue - view more here

Driving horses with a single line – this time in Yorkshire

Aut 15 Driving horses with a single line this time in Yorkshire 350x246It’s a great skill and very few people in the UK today use it, but driving horses with a single line was once common in the Fens – we featured that last issue. Now find out how the practice differed in Yorkshire, where it was also common.




Previous Magazine Issue - view more here

Heavy Horse World Calendar 2016

HHW Calendar 2016 400x384They’re in stock - order your copy now!



Heavy Horse World Spring issue is now out!


  • The Spring 2015 issue is our shows number and looks forward to a busy season this summer with articles and adverts plus Heavy Horse World’s popular annual FREE Events List, listing shows, events and matches up and down the country which feature heavy horses. We have some great photos from ploughing matches held at the end of last year too – here’s one of Robert Sampson ploughing at the Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association’s match last October, taken by HHW editor Diana Zeuner.


(Add in picture, top right, page 33)


  • Win tickets to the Shire Horse Show – we have ten pairs of adult tickets to give away this issue. The closing date is 9 March, so hurry to get your copy of Heavy Horse World!


  • Tom and Sandy Walne have pulled off a truly remarkable feat – their Suffolk mare has won the Horse & Hound Outstanding Mare Award in the British Breeders Awards run by the British Horse Foundation – read about it in the news section. Co-incidentally we include a feature on the couple, taken from the Suffolk Horse Society’s recent oral history project. We love your stories – keep them coming in!


(Add in picture, bottom, pae 7)


  • Catch up with our series for ridden heavy horse enthusiasts, Under Saddle, written by Annie Rose of Cumbrian Heavy Horses – this issue she tackles saddles themselves, a subject we often receive queries about here at HHW. And read our latest profile, on Surrey horseman Daniel Brown, who has developed his love of heavies into a thriving business.


  • John Bryant interviews a veteran Shire enthusiast who will be known to many of our readers, Ces Burton, while Diana Zeuner catches up with the ‘Irish boys’, a group of working horse enthusiasts well known in the counties west of London.


  • William Castle tackles the latest examples of innovation and imitation in American horse-drawn machinery, and David Viner tells the story of the restoration of a Berkshire wagon in the village of Blewbury (pictured). We take a look at choosing the ideal draught horse - from a European perspective, and follow The Lizard Stallions’ successful second year in Cornwall.


(Add picture at top of page 67)


  • We’ve renamed our Letters feature ‘Mailbox’ as these days we get comments and views coming through by email and social media as much as through the post – we love to hear your thoughts on the heavy horse world – send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


  • Plus, we have our regular features, Heavy Horse Tails,Tomorrow’s Horsemen, and Draught Horse Answers, and lots of news and information about heavies from all over the country.

  • And don’t forget to go to Heavy Horse World Shop(add link here) to see our full range of titles including The Working Horse Manual, Heavy Horses, Goodbye Old Friend, and a host of DVDs including A Beginner’s Guide to Heavy Horses and Plaiting the Heavy Horse for Showing.