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Discover the captivating world of heavy working draft horses through the UK's top magazine dedicated to the sector -  Shires, Clydesdales, Suffolk Punches, British Percherons, European breeds, draft crosses and working ponies in farming, forestry, market gardening, leisure, showing and breeding.

Latest News

Doug Joiner

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Doug Joiner on Monday 8 September.  Doug was a star of the working horse world in the UK, through his work with the British Horse Loggers and its charitable trust, and the British Festival of the Working Horse.  He will be very much missed.  There is to be a celebration of Doug's life on a date to be announced.  An obituary will be included in HHW Winter issue.


Heavy Horse World Autumn issue is now out!

  • The Autumn 2014 issue covers the first half of the showing season, featuring reports on the Suffolk and Percheron breed shows, together with top events including the Nottinghamshire, Royal Highland, Royal Three Counties, Cheshire, and the Royal Norfolk Shows. There is plenty of news and masses of features and articles on all aspects of your favourite equines - here’s a picture of Alistair King with his Derbyshire Show stallion class winner, Lockley Sir George, photographed by Kevin Wright.



  • The Heavy Horse World 2015 Calendar is already selling well! Complete your order form in the magazine or order it direct from this website here


  • Watch out for articles on a new working horse association; Mike Bingham’s dispersal sale in North Nottinghamshire; the truth about Comberton Thomas, one of the Percheron breed’s most important stallions; the second Shire horse race at Lingfield Park, and John Fairbairn’s triumph taking champion of champions at Northumberland County Show.


  • Discover Northumberland’s Festival of the Heavy Horse; a haymaking demonstration in Fife; the open day at Wales’ largest collection of horse-drawn vehicles; the British Horse Loggers annual gathering in the Scottish Borders; and a mini festival in Gloucestershire with demonstrations of working horses in horticulture – here’s a picture showing Ed Hamer with his cobs hitched to modern equipment preparing a seed-bed.



  • Catch up with our new series, Under Saddle, written by Annie Rose of Cumbrian Heavy Horses – this issue she tackles foot care, rugging and the effects of hot weather - and two articles on new harness developments, as well as two pages of Draught Horse Answers.


  • Editor Diana Zeuner was at the Horses at War: Remembering WWI and WWII event at the Weald & Downland Open Air Museum in West Sussex, featuring the largest display of First World War horse-drawn vehicles since the 1940s.


  • Read Jonathan Brown’s feature on the men behind the development of one of our most iconic makes of plough, the Ransomes, and catch up with our latest Tomorrow’s Horsemen profile, on Oliver Chaffey, aged 14.


  • Don’t forget to go to Heavy Horse World Shop to see our full range of titles including The Working Horse Manual, Heavy Horses, Goodbye Old Friend, and a host of DVDs.


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  • 72+ pages packed with information on heavy horses

  • Full colour throughout

  • Big news section

  • Historical features

  • Personality profiles

  • Practical features and tips


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Undoubtedly the best UK calendar featuring entirely draught horses!  12 fantastic colour photographs of heavy horses from all over the UK.

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Harness matters

 William Castle extends his usual From this side of the fence column with another look at the importance of the need to constantly check the adjustment of our horses’ harness. He describes new innovationsAut_14_Harness_matters_2_472x372 across Europe, including steel tug rods, American lonestar hames, elastic straps to hold up swingletrees and ‘D’ ring harness. We also look at new German ‘Sieltec’ harness, in use by the McDermott family for their Percheron team.

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Sum_14_The_Cock_Horse_224x311The Cock Horse

Brian O’Riordan has researched the use of the cock, or trace, horse to haul loads up steep hills. Illustrated with images showing cock horses in use across the country, he traces the relationship of the animals with inns, and records the cock horses in Wimbledon who were always called ‘Jack’.