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Discover the captivating world of heavy working draft horses through the UK's top magazine dedicated to the sector -  Shires, Clydesdales, Suffolk Punches, British Percherons, European breeds, draft crosses and working ponies in farming, forestry, market gardening, leisure, showing and breeding.

Latest News

Heavy Horse World Spring issue is now out!


  • The Spring 2014 issue is our Shows Issue, including lots of news and information about the events to come this year, including our free and very popular Heavy Horse World Events List! There are masses of features and articles on all aspects of your favourite equines - here’s a picture from our new series on riding heavies, Under Saddle, written by Annie Rose of Cumbrian Heavy Horses.


  • Win tickets to the Shire Horse Show (22/23 March), at its new venue, Arena UK, just off the A1 at Grantham!

  • Watch out for articles on the Woodhouse Stud’s great success of last season; horse logging in the South Downs National Park and milking heavy mares in Normandy (yes they do!)


  • Discover an unusual item of harness – the rush collar – a rare survivor from the horse era; and find out how Peter Coates went about making a special set of harness for a horse logger. This issue we publish our annual Heavy Horse World Harness Makers’ Directory.

  • You can farm with horses if you do it with determination, says Clive Fry, who shares some of his ideas, and William Castle completes his series on haymaking. Read Steve Ledsham’s views on whether or not to use blinkers, that age-old question; follow self-taught signwriter Ron Burton’s tips, and find out how horses helped in the early days of motoring.

  • Plus, TV presenter Alex Langlands writes about the new book The New Horse-Powered Farm; catch up with late events from last season including the West of England Championships and the Suffolk Ploughing Championships as well as the Clydesdale Winter Fair, and read our latest stories in the Heavy Horse Tails column.

  • There are a few left of the 2014 Heavy Horse World Calendar. Purchase your copy at (add link here). And don’t forget to go to Heavy Horse World Shop (add link here) to see our full range of titles including The Working Horse Manual, Heavy Horses, Goodbye Old Friend, and a host of DVDs.


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  • 72+ pages packed with information on heavy horses

  • Full colour throughout

  • Big news section

  • Historical features

  • Personality profiles

  • Practical features and tips


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Heavy Horse World Calendar Cover 2014

Undoubtedly the best UK calendar featuring entirely draught horses!  12 fantastic colour photographs of heavy horses from all over the UK.

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Rush collars – rare survivor from the horse era

Bob Powell uncovers some fascinating facts about an unusual item of harness. Following an enquiry on the Rural Museums Network e-group forum relating to the significance of a ‘rush collar’, he relates his own research and finds on the subject, especially in Norfolk and Scotland, and we hear from Caroline Dale-Leech about how rush collars were used as spares by coachmen.







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Win13_The_Gloucestershire_Long_Plough_and_how_its_survived_since_ancient_timesThe Gloucestershire Long Plough – and how it’s survived since ancient times

Charles Martell, the UK’s most experienced ox trainer and driver, describes a cherished draught implement – a plough largely made of wood, which not only belongs in his home county of Gloucestershire, but has survived down the centuries. He recently bought a William Wyman-made plough following its dispersal from the collections of the National Museum of Wales. Discover more, not only about the plough, but the way oxen worked such implements and compare that with horse draught.